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The quantity of information will grow substantially over the coming months and years to enable this site to become the global portal for information on all matters relating to Ormus and M-State elements, and we will be expanding the scope by providing links to information and video material on a regular basis. To find out more about us and who we are, click the arrow or link below.

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Explore Ormus producers around the world.

Every Ormus producer has a speciality. There is no producer that makes every kind of Ormus and can claim to be an expert at all of them. Some specialise in wet-state Ormus, others in powders. Some make and sell Ormus oils for cooking and for use in lotions and creams. Then, there are Ormus sellers who don't make any of their own products at all, but are resellers of other producers.

Ormus is a relatively new product on the market, having only been around seriously for the past two years as a volume marketplace. This means that producers come with differing levels of experience and expertise too. All these factors need to be taken into account when choosing your supplier. Our focussed and growing reference section of AoAOP Accredited Producers lists all the key information you need to help you find your ideal one. What's more, a good producer isn't just someone who makes good Ormus, but one who also runs their business well. Customer relations, shipping schedules and delivery arrangements and how quickly and satisfactorily complaints or disputes are resolved are important factors as well. For more information on this, click the arrow or link below.

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A valuable consumer protection and advice resource.

As a customer, a key factor in choosing any supplier is trust. Trust that what is being bought is really what it is supposed to be. With nearly all products sold over the counter, or online, there is some means of public or legal redress available if you are miss-sold, but not until now, with Ormus.

At AoAOP we hear of stories of people who have bought products labelled as Ormus that turned out to be nothing of the sort. Salted water and cornflour, salt water and talcum powder, chalk powder sold as WPG, the list goes on as bogus sellers try to cash in on the demand for Ormus. So far, luckily, this has only resulted in embarrassed red faces and no fatalities we know of, but the main reason that customers have been conned in this way is that there has been no independent focal point to raise the issue or to make a complaint. Until now.

At AoAOP we have developed some simple tests to enable you to be able to verify if what you have bought is the real thing or a cheap fake. Now, if you discover you have purchased a fake product you can test it yourself in minutes and have genuine recourse to demand your money back. Plus, if you do discover a fake producer we would like to hear from you and for you to send us a sample for independent testing. If we confirm your findings then the supplier will be blacklisted on our global register as a warning to other potential customers. For more information on this, click the arrow or link below.

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