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the location of the pineal gland

Ormus is all about 'waking up', and we are here to help

The world has reached a tipping point, and not just environmentally. Globally, people are seeking different ways of doing things and living life in a more cooperative and sharing manner. Questions are being asked about changing our societies, from just being one where we each grab as much as possible, to one where we are opening our minds to the myriad of possibilities that pure science has failed to address.

With the advent of the maturing of the world-wide-web we are now able to share our ideas, energy and diverse skills with everyone, not just our local communities or countries. New concepts are emerging. Concepts that challenge the way we have traditionally thought our world was constructed, and Ormus is playing a key role in this process.

A major factor driving this process is the merging of Western and Eastern sciences and the recognition that our bodies and minds are not just physical entities but a focus for energy as well. Eastern medicine, for instance, has long recognised the importance of, and the link between energy and health, and the critical role that feeding and nourishing both the physical and energetic elements together, and keeping them in balance, plays in the welfare of the individual and whole societies.

As we step into this new world, Ormus, which has revealed the main role of the brain's mysterious pineal gland, is beginning to play a more a more important role in moving us forward to, what could perhaps be described, as our next stage of evolution.



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Barry Carter

Barry Carter
is the world's foremost authority, researcher and recorder on all matters pertaining to Ormus. He has been closely involved with the whole subject for almost 20 years and has amassed the biggest database of knowledge available in the world.

Barry shares his knowledge and experience freely through his website, Subtle Energies, which has grown to provide the widest information source for all who wish to learn about M-State elements (often referred to as monoatomics) or Ormus.

Knowledge about Ormus (also referred to as the Philosopher's Stone) has been suppressed and hidden for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and it is Barry's primary desire that this never happens again. And, the best way to achieve this goal is to share everything he knows with as many people as possible. Barry's generosity in sharing his knowledge is the single greatest factor in the creation of the whole Ormus industry, and we are really pleased and proud to have him as a founder member of AoAOP.

Barry lives in Portland, Oregon.



Thomas A. Geckler

Thomas Geckler
is one of the Ormus community's most charismatic characters, and also one of the leading lights in the Ormus world. Thomas heads up his Ormus company, Cherokee Gold, that makes a diverse range of Ormus products, including the seminal and powerful Starfire Gold Ormus powders which exceptionally, are not made from salts but by using an acid leach process to extract the Ormus from limestone, azomite and dolomite. These, being highly concentrated sources of organic material produce very powerful Ormus.

Thomas' company also produce a range of Ormus based massage oils, soaps and even e-vape liquids for e-smokers, but perhaps is biggest area of expertise in the design and manufacture of magnetic vortex water traps.

Thomas is one of the most experienced producers in the world and has featured on a number of Youtube online video presentations. We are really pleased to have him along as a founder member on our AoAOP journey into the future.

Thomas lives in Dahlonega, Georgia



Herman Mittelholzer

Herman Mittelholzer
was born in Montreal, Canada; spent his first three years of life in Barbados, grew up in London, England, and for the past years has been regularly living between Hereford in the UK and Basel, Switzerland. Before starting a career life as a specialist in electronics, working on medical research and laser projects, he first spent two years working for a temp employment agency where his only stipulation was that he never had to do the same job twice. This provided a broad spectrum of experience across a wide range of different occupations.

His last 'real' job before realising that a corporate lifestyle was not for him, was working for the chemical giant, Du Pont, following which he has remained permanently self-employed, except for a brief spell working with Apple Computer, mainly because he loved the technical perfection and elegance of the Mac. He became an acclaimed expert in the pre-press technologies of desktop publishing which then lead him to the internet in the mid 1990s, where in 2000, funded by Zürich Insurance, he invented and launched the world's very first of what we now call comparison web sites, of which there are hundreds.

Herman heads up the company Chilectric Products, which specialises in making gold-rich Ormus from Dead Sea salts, and typically from one with high standards of perfection this is made with an almost pharmaceutical attention to detail, quality and consistency, and has grown to become one of Europe's top selling wet-state Ormus brands. Chilectric also make and sell Ormus creams, lotions and a range of colloidal silver based products as well.

Herman has published two e-books on Ormus, written from a scientific perspective and both are available as free downloads from the Chilectric website.

He is currently based in Herefordshire, England



Victoria Sanchez

Currently awaiting biographical profile information



Ray Hamilton

Team Ray and Ruth Hamilton started Ormus Minerals in 2010. They have since then made gallons of Ormus and searched the globe for top, quality ingredients to further improve it. Ray constantly is researching the latest information on nutrition and how that can help benefit those that come to them for help to improve their quality of health.

Ray takes some kind of Ormus just about every day. He has had fantastic results with his daily nutritional routine of taking our products. The feedback they receive results in a growing list of repeat customers. What they have heard from their customers, who use their products, is that customers have experienced improved health, clearer thinking, and pain relief.

Ray has developed 20 plus Ormus formulas. He continues to research other topics concerning increased physical energy, better quality of water, healthy salts, beneficial herbs, benefits of polysaccharides, and magnesium benefits. The research includes many hours listening to Ormus Alchemy conference calls, reading many e-books online and maintaining a growing library of books on nutrition.

Endorsement by Dr. Daniel Nuzum.
"My name is Dr. Daniel Nuzum. I am a Naturopathic and Nephropathic Physician. I use Ormus Minerals Ocean Nectar, Ormus/Magnesium oil spray, and essential oil/Emu oil/Magnesium. Oil solution with phenomenal results. I highly recommend the clinical and personal use of these products from the experience that I have had both clinically and personally.

Ormus Minerals Inc.are based in Nampa, Idaho



Alex Cabayol Gonzalez

Alex Cabayol Gonzalez
is one of a new breed of enthusiastic Ormus producers who makes and markets, locally, a diverse range of Ormus products across a wide spectrum of use. He is also a specialist in the use of Ormus for agriculture and farming, both for animal health and crop-growth enhancement. Alex lives and works in Spain, often referred to as Europe's bread basket, where the weather is perfect and the majority of fresh produce sold in the EU is grown.

Especially if you happen to be a farmer and interested in reducing dependency on chemical fertilisers and insecticides by strengthening existing seed and crop stocks using Ormus, then Alex is the person you need to be talking with.

Alex lives in Tarragona, Catalonia







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