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A quick and easy way to find the best Ormus producers.


At AoAOP we can draw on the knowledge of the world's best Ormus producers who together can deliver decades of experience and expertise. Here is some basic advice that will help ensure you always buy the genuine article with the highest quality standards.

1. Try to ensure that products you purchase are supplied by an accredited producer. There are some simple ways you can check this out, the first one being to see if they, are AoAOP members. If they are members, they will have a company profile listed on this website, accompanied by details of their areas of expertise and the range of products they make and sell.

The top producers have two purple shields on their membership listing page. This indicates that they have met or exceeded the standards required for AoAOP membership. A few of these top level producers show a gold and a purple shield on their listing, and this indicates that they are top producers and also members of the management and steering group for AoAOP, and therefore highly trusted.

2. If you aim to purchase from a producer who is not a member of AoAOP, we can provide no assurance as to their expertise and would encourage you to ask them if they have an application in process. AoAOP is a new organisation, and there are good Ormus producers out there who are not yet members or who have maybe not yet heard of us.

3. Over the next few months all AoAOP producers will all be issued with labels to attach to their products. An example is shown above left. They are 19mm in diameter. This indicates that the product has been produced to AoAOP quality standards. The AoAOP web address is printed on the label, allowing you to visit their profile page and confirm their status and general details.


Are you worried you may have been sold a fake product?

Here is a simple test you can do to check the authenticity of wet-state Ormus.

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The 'wet-state' Ormus test

It's very straightforward and easy to do.

1. Take a small amount of Ormus substrate and place it in a clear clean glass.

2. Add some filtered water and mix well

3. After about 10 - 60 minutes you should see a distinct separation forming between the Ormus substrate and the water as the substrate settles out. The water at the top should be perfectly clear.

4. Finally, to confirm if it is really Ormus, add a little acid (I used citric acid, but you can also use distilled vinegar). When you do this you will notice that the Ormus substrate is immediately pushed back into the water leaving it crystal clear.


The basic rule is that if it doesn't settle out in the way described, or if the water, after separation, is not completely clear, or if after the 'acid test' the result is also not crystal clear - you have probably bought a fake product.



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