we're shining a little more light - into a confusing world

Finding the world's finest Ormus producers just became...

... a lot simpler.

As the world's knowledge of the benefits of Ormus expands, a whole new industry is springing up. New Ormus producers seem to appear every day offering a more and more diverse range of products for sale. Everything from powders to creams and lotions arrive on the virtual internet shelves from all corners of the planet, and with them have also arrived the customary producers selling bogus products out to make a fast buck.

With so much choice available, with so many different products and so many new producers coming onto the market, it can be a difficult and confusing task for customers of Ormus products to be able to sort the wood from the trees, and to be certain that what they are buying is both the 'real thing' as well as made to professional standards...
...That is, until now!


Welcome to...

The Association of Accredited Ormus Producers

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With this in mind a group of the best Ormus producers in the world have got together to hold your hand through the process of selecting your best supplier, and also as a way to alert you to potential scams and bogus producers who are not making or selling the 'real thing'.

Why is this is really important? Because it can have health issues.
Ormus is not like a cheap plastic toy that, if it gets broken, can be thrown away and put down to experience. Ormus is a powerful ancient nutritional substance that you are planning to put into, or onto, your body.

As the old saying goes..."you are what you eat."
It's wise, therefore, to make sure that what you eat is both genuine and beneficial.



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