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ChiLectric Products

Full and Founder member - CURRENT
Membership number: 261115-01
Herefordshire, United Kingdom
Business owner: Herman A. Mittelholzer
ChiLectric Products is a specialist producer of wet-state Ormus, using Dead Sea salt as the main base ingredient, and also produce a range of Ormus Skin Creams and Gels.

In addition to Ormus products, Chilectric also produce and market a range of colloidal silver based products, including healing gels, and lotions, 20ppm and 10ppm colloidal silver liquid solutions.

All products are made to exacting standards of quality and consistency using HACCP-based control and monitoring measures (the ISO standard used for food safety) to ensure purity, consistent quality and traceability.
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World-wide distribution via Royal Mail
ChiLectric Products provide free shipping to the US, Canada, the EU and Switzerland. For countries outside these areas there is a standard flat-rate charge of £8 (GBP) added to cover postage. All shipments valued over £60 (GBP) are sent with full online tracking and signature.

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands (Holland), Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland and Liechtenstein + US and Canada.

Delivery costs for countries not mentioned above is a flat rate charge of £8.00 (GBP) or approx. €12 if shipped from mainland Europe


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(450+ recorded sales transactions - 100% positive customer feedback score)

Supplies naturopathy and alternative practitioners with Ormus and colloidal silver products. Contact through website for details and reseller pricing structure.
More info:

ChiLectric products was formed to research, make an sell Ormus based products in 2011, and are one of the world's leaders in setting quality standards in purity, consistency and promoting quality and excellence in product manufacturing.

Originally two types or Ormus was made, regular strength and double-concentrated. Now only the double concentrated is sold. ChiLectric began producing colloidal silver product in 2013 in response to customer demand for alternatives to antibiotics, and following extensive research into historic efficacy and best practice production techniques.

Alchemist, Herman Mittelholzer, who heads up Chilectric Products has published two e-books on the subject 'The Little Book or ORME' and The Little Book of CHI. Both books are available as free downloads from the Chilectric website at